An Open Letter to Kaley Cuoco, Who Has Been a Bit of a Bellend



This has been said a million times before; and no doubt more eloquently and with more conservative use of the word bellend. But the fact of the matter is, that if you, as a male/female/any of the glorious things in-between, refuse to call yourself a feminist, then you are being a bellend. With that in mind, Kaley Cuoco’s recent comments about feminism (in an interview with Redbook magazine) make her look like a bit of a prat. It isn’t really her fault; she’s obviously uneducated on the topic, and it isn’t up to her to lead a feminist revolution. The fact is that feminism is currently having a ‘moment’ (see Beyonce, Chanel), and every famous female now gets asked their views on the subject. So here’s an open letter to her to prepare her for the next time she gets asked. It worked with that guy who…

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Ways of becoming unstuck…


I thrive on adventure, spontaneity, and all of that fun stuff. It keeps me going. I cannot bear feeling bored in life. Life is far too interesting, not to mention short, for that kind of thing. In recent years, I’ve made a point of challenging myself by pushing myself out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, visiting new places, and trying new things. Life has become a million times more interesting as a result.

My adventurous side has not prevented me from having a plan, one I’ve had for many years. I was eagerly anticipating taking the next step in my studies/career this year but it would seem life has other plans for me right now. This is such a big part of my life so having to put it on hold was a big blow for me. It still stings a little if I’m honest, but I think I’m getting the last of the foot-stomping out of my system.

So…while I’ve been waiting for that part of my life to take off, I’ve been filling the time in other ways, namely working in a job I abhor in order to pay the bills. This wasn’t part of the plan. This is not me. I’ve had the luxury of following my passion for the last number of years so once removed from that environment, it didn’t take long for misery set. It goes hand in hand with feeling stuck in life.

I’ve learned over the years what a great teacher misery can be and I’ve begun to realise how utterly stuck I’ve become in recent months. I’ve been feeling trapped in my job, which I hate and am far too overqualified for. I’ve been feeling unhappy living in this city that I’ve outgrown. I was so attached to my plan that I couldn’t see beyond it, and once that was taken out of the equation I felt as though I’d lost my identity, in a sense. It sounds dramatic, and it is! It’s complete nonsense! I can and will continue on my career path, and I’m extremely excited to do so. However, that is but one part of my life and it’s preposterous to put the rest of my life on hold, waiting… It took a while, but I’ve woken up.

I’m very luck to be surrounded by a bunch of wonderful friends, and the most amazing mother on the planet – whose company I could not have survived without. I say it constantly but it’s so important – choose the people you surround yourself with wisely, and all will be well.

So I’m now in the process of getting unstuck and I’m going to share some of my tips and tricks with you. Take what you like from it and discard the rest.

Take time to think things through


In my case, I’d been working long hours and had very little time to myself and so I felt increasingly trapped.

I decided to do what any self-respecting dreamer would do… I pulled a sickie. I don’t like to do things by halves so I took an entire week off work. It was glorious, and utterly guilt-free! It gave me the time and space I needed to reflect on my situation, assess things and decide what changes I wanted to make.

Time and space are essential elements to centring ourselves.

What you resist persists


One of the wisest women I know used to tell me this regularly and she was right, of course. I spent so much time on the go that I had very little time to stop and feel. It’s so important to pay attention to how we’re feeling. Feeling stuck is only a symptom after all – we need to dig around a little to find out what’s going on beneath the surface.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the feeling, and all of the discomfort attached to it. Once we stop resisting, natural shifts begin to occur.

Nourish Yourself


It’s so important, but it can slide so easily when you’re unhappy. I’m pretty good at this in general, but had been slacking in the nourishment department. I found myself in a constant state of disorganisation and I was eating on the go a lot of the time. That is to say, I was living on junk food! This isn’t just bad for the mind – the purse takes a bit of a battering too.

Eating nourishing meals is so important in terms of grounding ourselves. It resets the clock, in a manner of speaking. It makes us feel human again. Essential when it comes to making those all-important decisions.

Dream Big


Do not settle for something because it makes for an easier life. Life and all of its wonderful opportunities are there for the taking. It’s up to us what we do with those…

Take Risks & Reclaim Your Muchness


Dreaming big is great, but if you want to realise your dreams you must take risks. You must push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go for it. Whatever it is you want out of life, it will not come to you – you must go after it.


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The Game

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It’s World Kindness Day!


Yes, this is a thing… It should be an everyday thing, of course. Imagine what the world would be like if we reached out to one another a bit more?

I often hear people say that one act of kindness a day is all that’s needed to make the world a better place. Why limit yourself to one such act when you can bring kindness into every single encounter you have with another?

Whatever form it takes, Kindness has a ripple effect. It is contagious. x


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What if I fall?

Cristian Mihai


“What if I fall?” 
“Oh my darling, what if you fly?”

Do you ever ask yourself if you like the person you are? If you are who you’ve always wanted to be? Do you know who you want to be?

To be honest, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized who I really wanted to be. I want to be that guy who tells people they can fly. I want to see the magic they have stored up in their hearts for so long. And I want to make them see it, I want to make them use it. Because, truth be told, falling is just another way to fly.

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What if I fall?

Cristian Mihai


“What if I fall?” 
“Oh my darling, what if you fly?”

Do you ever ask yourself if you like the person you are? If you are who you’ve always wanted to be? Do you know who you want to be?

To be honest, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized who I really wanted to be. I want to be that guy who tells people they can fly. I want to see the magic they have stored up in their hearts for so long. And I want to make them see it, I want to make them use it. Because, truth be told, falling is just another way to fly.

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The Beatles – All You Need Is Love-HQ

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Gala Darling’s #Lovetober Challenge

Sunday, 5 October 2014

It’s #Lovetober, the wonderful creation of the fabulous Gala Darling. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this beautiful woman. I started following Gala way back when I was seeking out like-minded people and her radical self love-way of life had a huge impact on my own life.

After years of sadness, self-hatred and utter chaos, I was ready to give up that jig and start embracing life. Gala has been a pivotal part of that journey ❤

So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying #lovetober. Follow my month on Girlzonfire’s Instagram
Check out the links below to find out more about it.

Love and light x


Gala Darling’s Website

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Ch-ch-changes, and such like…

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Like it or loathe it, change is one of life’s constants. The only control we have in matters of change, upheaval, distress, etc. boils down to how we choose to react to them…It’s not easy, as most of us know.
I’ve been thinking about this a lot as there’s been some changes in my life recently that I haven’t exactly welcomed with open arms. I want to move in a particular direction but life is hell-bent on taking me in another…Ugh! But, when you fight *what is*, you’re guaranteed one outcome: misery.
Just as I was starting down that rabbit hole, I was reminded that faith (in the Universe, Unicorns, Love, whatever…) isn’t something you cherish when times are good and relegate to the sidelines when the road gets rocky. Sometimes, you just have to admit that things are a bit shit/not exactly the way you want them to be, and roll with the punches anyway. Admitting that doesn’t have to shake your faith that all will be well. It tends to strengthen it more than anything, in my experience at least.
I’ve tackled some pretty big hurdles in my life. If you’re above ground, chances are, you’ve tackled some major hurdles too. Sometimes we think that we won’t survive the difficult periods in our lives – usually as we’re going through them – and yet we do. Some say we should even be thankful for the most difficult periods in our lives…to use a trite maxim, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…
If you’re travelling along a rocky road right now, I feel you. Keep going, keep the faith and keep learning . And ‘cultivate an inner-voice that is 100% on your team’ ~ W.D.
Love and light x
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Love yourself first. The World will follow.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hi friends,
So I know the whole ‘self-love’ thing can sound a bit cringey to some, and I get it. We live in a society that places exorbitant emphasis on the external – it often seems as though society is designed to prevent us from waking up. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. The better news is once you make the commitment to love yourself, I guarantee you that every single aspect of your life will improve. Sure, your circumstances may remain the same, but as Henry David Thoreau once said, ‘it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.’
To be fair, there was a time when I felt uncomfortable about the idea of loving myself fully. I had no idea what that even meant. As it happens, it’s turned out to be the single most important lesson of my life. The way we feel about ourselves impacts on every single aspect of our lives, from our health to our relationships, to our work, our faith…everything!
That old saying, ‘If you don’t love yourself, nobody else is going to love you’ gets bandied about a lot and it’s clearly untrue! What’s true is if you don’t love yourself, it’s going to be very difficult to soak up all the love others have for you. Also, the relationship we have with ourselves is infinitely more important than those we have with others, and those relationships will only grow stronger as a result because we’re so much more open and loving when we’re at peace with ourselves.
Here’s some tips to get you started on your diet of self-love:
1. Mindfulness
Simply put, mindfulness is the non-judgemental awareness of our experiences in the present moment. I cannot overemphasise the benefits of mindfulness meditation. It’s a great way to start the day off and a solid means by which to get to know ourselves better. Over time, it teaches us how to stay in the moment, thus reducing stress and anxiety.
Click here and here for a guide to get started. There’s loads of lovely guided meditations on YouTube worth checking out.
2. Be Kind to Yourself
Do something nice for yourself every day. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you feel good. There’s nothing I love more than cooking myself a delicious, nourishing meal after a long day.
3. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Look after yourself by filling up on nourishing food throughout the day. Get plenty of exercise in. I’m always amazed at how good I feel (mentally) after a run. I can’t say the running part is always easy, but it’s always worth it! 😉 Most importantly, get plenty of sleep! See What Actually Happens While You Sleep and How It Affects Your Every Waking Moment
4. Only Spend Time With People Who Lift You Up
We’ve all experienced those friendships where you come away feeling as though you’ve just donated a litre of blood. In the past I’ve put so much energy into ‘dead-end friendships’. Life is far too precious for those shenanigans. Friends who drain the life out of you / aren’t supportive of you / can’t be happy for you, etc. aren’t worth your time and energy. Wish them well and move on!
5. Take Yourself on a Date
This is one of the most fun things to do! You can do anything you want without the worry of keeping anyone else entertained. Take yourself on a walk, to the cinema, to the beach, whatever you want. Spending quality time with yourself is fab & very worthwhile. I often take off on my bike in the evenings to explore new parts of the city I live in. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time alone & it makes for an interesting evening.
6. Live Truthfully
Get honest with yourself and others in your live. Being able to state your needs and wants is a crucial step towards self-love.
7. Practice Gratitude
Before you go to bed for the evening, consider writing a gratitude list – I write down 3 things I’m grateful for every night before I go to bed and pop it into my gratitude jar. Get creative with it and make your own. The very act of looking at the jar throughout the day can shift my mood. It serves as a great reminder of all of the things I’m thankful for in my day-to-day life. Also, going to bed with a feeling of gratitude is so lovely.
8. Forgive Yourself
Holding onto past regrets can weigh heavily on the soul. We’re not perfect, nor will we ever be so it’s essential to forgive yourself and let past hurts and mistakes go. This is one of the tougher things to do, but it’s crucial in moving forward and embracing a full and healthy relationship with ourselves.
Above all else, Have Fun!
Love and light to all x
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